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Astrology is one of the signs in the Heavens guiding, if you choose, your understanding of your talents, skills, abilities and tendencies. With the exception of the Great God-desses influence and power, you remain in control. --Carey
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The Astro*Talk Natal Report is one of the finest astrological horoscope reports ever made. The report's no-nonsense descriptions of the basic planetary configurations present in your life, and how they affect you, has been appreciated by thousands.

The 30-40 page report contains 10 chapters, including a 15-page introduction to astrological terms and concepts. Many reading an Astro*Talk report for the first time appreciate having this handy tutor at hand to review astrology basics.

Also included are your personal "Burn Rate" – a gauge of your personal change and growth rate; "Soul Type" – unique astrological combinations often define the general personality type you belong to.
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Use the time-honored solar return method to peek into your future!

The exact time of one's solar return is a sacred annual event for each individual. It happens at only one specific moment each year. It is at that moment - and only that moment - in which the Earth/Sun relationship is exactly the same as when your were born. This is the basis for a horoscope that will describe the astrological factors in effect for a one-year cycle from the date of the solar return.

This wonderful package is actually two programs in one: a report writer and a forecaster. This is the only program that gives a complete listing and interpretation of the 80 dates during the year that involve progressed solar return angles.

The report writer creates its interpretations based on the solar return chart and indicates the specific themes and issues in effect for any given year of your life. The second part of the program forecasts significant dates in effect for the year, based on the innovative prediction methods outlined in Ray Merriman’s book, Solar Return Book of Prediction. You get a thorough report on what to expect in the next year and exactly when. There's nothing like it!
"What do my transits have in store for me this year?"
travel into the future!
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Time Travel into the future.  Snap snippets of how your day may progress.  This "transit" and "progression" forecasting report is based upon the relationship between your own birth chart and the current motion of the planets. In astrology, transits and progressions are used in determining which phases (stress, calm, growth, etc.) you are going through during a specific time period. The report is cast for a one-year time period – averaging about 40 pages.

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Jul 22Mars Conjunction NeptuneSecondary Progression(Virgo-Virgo  4th-4th)
***** Enter(Enter: 07/22/97  Exact: End Date  Leave: End Date)
The belief that anything is possible is a very strong factor now. This can lead to crusades of sorts! There's a strong sense of idealism, a yearning for all that transcends the mundane and the ordinary. You tend to act on faith, perhaps without full consideration of the consequences, trusting that fate will vindicate you. Creativity and imagination are at a high ebb.
Jul 24Jupiter Re-Enters TenthTransit(Aquarius  9th )
***** Exact(Enter: Begin Date  Exact: 07/24/97  Leave: End Date)
Travel and mental development at high levels are major themes in your life now. This is a time to broaden your horizons both intellectually and spiritually. Education, publishing, broadcasting, legal and political interests, and advertising offer opportunities, if you are on the lookout for them.
Jul 24Jupiter Conjunction MidheavenTransit(Aquarius-Aquarius  9th-10th)
**** Exact(Enter: 07/15/97  Exact: 07/24/97  Leave: 08/01/97)
You make your way now by using practical vision and common sense. This could be some kind of high-water mark for your career, recognition, and so on. At the same time, a change of direction is in order, finding you in a gradual curve towards more inwardness.

Jupiter: Career and Life Path
Jupiter is the planet of success and simple survival, the way we have to solve the problems that confront us. Thus Jupiter has to do with the way in which we can be successful, our vocation. The Hindu word for Jupiter is Guru. Jupiter is the guru and guide, the way we go through life, our life path or vocation. Jupiter is the method each of us has for dealing with the laws of life, our Saturn, or limitations. Jupiter is the light or path. Jupiter provides us with our sense of direction, the path we are on, the way we handle life. It affects how we approach life's problems. It has always been an indicator of how successful we may be, our vocation.
A service career is a perfect choice, for you want very much to be of use, to be used up. You have a fantastic appetite for detail work, and can take it all in and still look for more. Willing and able to respond to almost any emergency, you are responsible and always ready.
Jupiter in Virgo

The House Containing the Sun
The houses have basically the same principles in the interpretation of a solar return chart as they do in a natal chart. The only difference is that the solar return houses are temporal in nature, and thus the actual interpretation of their meaning will be slightly modified because of this factor.
The Sun, at the time of your solar return, falls in the 05th house.
5th house: There is great potential for creativity, fun and happiness this year. Favorably highlighted are romance, entertainment, creative self-expressive pursuits, and conditions involving your children (or younger people). This year may deal more with "new" loves rather than "old" loves. You yourself may be the center of much attention and adoration, particularly if the Sun trines the Ascendant. It is a year of great creative self-expression, and one in which risks seem to pay off. If you have children, either they "shine", or you "shine" in their eyes. There is much to be proud of here. In financial matters, this year may favor speculation. It certainly favors a year of entertainment, so you are encouraged to go to many parties, and even throw a few yourself!
However, excessive amounts of self-indulgent activities and "running about" may be detrimental to one's health, and a certain amount of self-restraint is advised. Fears involving work, or "quality" of one's work, might also prevail.